30 years committed to the development of an effective system of medical advertising, consulting, distribution and logistics.


Throughout its 30 years of service to the medical-clinical market, Biomig has provided its clients with added-value technologies. Specific equipment is deployed to develop a system of medical advertising and the sale of clinical products of high impact and relevance in the fields of oncology, intensive care and high complexity.

Biomig disseminates and distributes products of major domestic and multinational partner companies, such as Baxter, United Medical, Steris and Tem.

Biomig disposes of a physical structure which has been approved and licensed by ANVISA and other competent authorities for the maintenance of stock within the required standards, such as a cold chamber, temperature control and ample physical space for storage and logistics.

Biomig prospects target customers, develops demand and performs sales aiming to meet the needs of hospitals.

Biomig is a reference for excellence in customer service and logistics, due to its agility in the approval of budgets with the support of its team of technical consultants, who are trained and qualified in pharmaceutics, nursing, public relations and additional areas, among other factors whichcompose the biomig differential.


“Distribute and market products and technologies of high complexity in the health sector and add value to the hospital chain.”


Customer: Be a reference as a company with expertise in new technologies and products of high complexity, directed towards health professionals and critical patients.

People: Be a company committed to well-being, with policies encouraging the achievement of corporate and personal results, based on the continuous investment in people who are proud to be Biomig!

Suppliers: Be an important business partner with expertise in the generation of demand for high-tech products on the brazilian clinical market.


Respect for the environment: avoid the waste of resources and collaborate with environmental preservation.

Social responsibility: promote social equality, respect diversity and encourage more humane relations.

Sustainable growth: generate value based on economic health, safety, credibility and stability.

Ethics: act on a basis of honesty, fairness, respect and transparency.

Excellence: strive for excellence in products and adopt best practices to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Innovation: add value based on creativity, investment, competence and dedication.

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Biomig is a company which features excellence and specialization in Medical Advertising, Sales and the Logistics of high added-value products, thus meeting the most varied requirements of industrial groups...

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Biomig is supported by a qualified and constantly trained team to meet its customer´s requirements related to the advertising and sale of their products. Biomig strives to provide an excellent environment for their customers...

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