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ROTEM® is an instrument deployed in in vitro diagnostics, Point of Care (POC), in hospitals and other medical institutions. Diagnostics with ROTEM® POC provide for reliable and timely results within a period of 10-15 minutes. Contrary to lab test results, they are generally unavailable prior to 45-60 minutes following blood collection.

Coagulation assessment based on ROTEM® results in a decrease in the need for blood transfusions, a reduction in the period of  internment in intensive care units and hospitals, as well as for an improvement in the results for the patient and a reduction in hospital costs.

The system is intended to provide a quantitative and qualitative indication of the coagulation status by way of the recording of kinetic changes in a totally citrated blood sample during clot formation, as well as during the retraction of the clot sample and/or its smoothing (rupture of interval).  Diverse coagulation parameters are measured, analyzed, monitored, interpreted and traced for this purpose. The graphical presentation reflects the various physiological results, describing the interaction between the components, such as the factors of coagulation and inhibitors, fibrinogen, thrombocytes and the fibrinolysis system. Additionally, diverse medicaments which affect hemostasis, particularly anticoagulants, can be detected.


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The reactants are intended for exclusive use in equipment. The tests are referred to as INTEM, EXTEM, FIBTEM, HEPTEM and APTEM. The associated liquid reactants are known as in-TEM, ex-TEM, fib-TEM, hep-TEM and ap-TEM.

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